Art In Detail by Alexandre Meerson

Art In Detail

Art in Detail is the concept that every aspect, element and feature of an object should not only be viewed as part of a grander ambition but as a grand ambition in itself. It’s the belief that an immense focus on the minutiae is what creates phenomenal results and this ensures an impeccable level of quality.

The direction of Art in Detail encompasses and celebrates the individuals and teams who have dedicated their lives and honed their abilities to master a skill which pushes the boundaries of what humans are capable of. This isn’t limited to any one field or industry; it can be the microscopic precision of a watchmaker, the immense training of a record breaking sprinter or even the skill of monks who can control their temperature.

For Alexandre Meerson, this means every component receives the same level of care from the house’s 88 artisans in both the UK and Switzerland and there is no compromise when it comes to quality. This is why the timepieces created are unique, precious and personal, both to the wearer and the creator. For this reason the house only manufactures limited collections, ultra-limited collections and special orders so that the pieces which are created have the complete and undivided attention of Alexandre Meerson artisans.

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