From Emerich Meerson to Alexandre MeersonFAMILY HISTORY & TRADITION

  • Alexandre Meerson British Luxury Watches & Accessories Emerich Meerson Heritage

    MEERSON is a one-of-a-kind British luxury brand devoted to creating beautiful, bespoke, modern classic watches and accessories. The perennial House perpetuates a family tradition started in France and dating back to the 1950s, and that was initiated by Alexandre’s father, Emerich Meerson.

    The Russian name Meerson has meant art, photography, design and creation for generations; and Emerich Meerson’s personal journey has been true to this tradition. However, life in has been everything but a planned itinerary. Born in Nazi Berlin, he spent the tragic years of his youth in ravaged Eastern Europe, miraculously escaping death to eventually land in Paris in the aftermath of World War II.

    Stateless, a teenage refugee in the City of Lights, Emerich Meerson was initiated into the art of jewellery as an apprentice in a store owned by a distant relative. This is probably when he realised he had no alternative than to create beauty to exorcise the horror he suffered and yet could not fathom. And created he did, presenting his first silver pieces in 1952. The breakthrough came in 1966 when Emerich Meerson presented his first watch collection. These inaugurated his personal style – timeless, understated timepieces – and gained international recognition, as well as a faithful following straightaway.

  • Alexandre Meerson British Luxury Watches & Accessories Emerich Meerson Heritage

    Emerich Meerson's connection to fashion and style placed his creations apart – he was one of the inventors of a new category: the Fashion Watch. International luxury brands called him to design some of their most iconic pieces: Tiffany, Mikimoto, Bucherer, H. Stern, Wempe and Elsa Peretti to name a few.

    Many of the watches Meerson created have become icons, worn by artists, celebrities around the world in the 1970s and 1980s until Emerich Meerson retired in the 1990’s. Today, a prolific painter, Emerich Meerson exhibits an extraordinary body of work.

  • Alexandre Meerson British Luxury Watches & Accessories Emerich Meerson Heritage

    Designer Alexandre Meerson was raised in France and owes to his father Emerich Meerson a passion for luxury watches and accessories, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. He was initiated into the art of design and watchmaking between the family's studio in Paris and its workshop in Besançon. Whilst Alexandre Meerson later pursued a career on the other side of the business — for many years working for the world's most iconic Luxury and Couture brands — it is a lifetime of passion that brought him full circle in 2007 to start his eponymous brand.

    Alexandre Meerson started a new chapter of the MEERSON history, adding his deep passion for the hand made and for craftsmanship and expertise in new technology. Alexandre has built the House of MEERSON on the ethos of practicing ‘Art in Detail’ – that is, the creation of timeless, subtle pieces which project effortless elegance at first, and reveal striking and meaningful details to the wearer over time.

  • Alexandre Meerson British Luxury Watches & Accessories Emerich Meerson Heritage
  • "Alexandre Meerson owes to his father a passion for luxury watches, and a relentless pursuit for excellence."

    Precious, daring and timeless, each piece is created to embody today’s luxury. It sends out the most personal of messages, the accent of a strong and self-assured individual’s sense of style.

    Today, MEERSON manufacture all its luxury watches to order in Switzerland. Driven by a sharp creative energy, it combines Haute Couture tradition with the mastery of craftsmanship in watchmaking.

    The Mutiny collection launched in January 2017 is infused by the brand’s history and is adorned by the EM brand. The first piece to be presented, the ‘ChronoMutiny’ celebrates the link between Father and Son with a piece that is reminiscent of the first foray of Alexandre with the family House in the 1980s.

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