Put to the Test


On the eve of its first birthday, we thought it was only right to celebrate by putting the sports-inspired MEERSON D15 through the gears. Despite it obviously being a classic timepiece that is very much at home under the cuff of a suit, its versatility means it is also perfectly suited for the more rugged side of life. But how far could it go? We just had to find out. Teaming up with friend of the brand, rider and owner of bespoke bike shop Pedal & Spoke, Howard Wagstaff on a beautiful British morning, we ventured out into the iconic Surrey scenery.

The Surrey Hills boast the most vigorous and challenging bike trails the south of England has to offer, and no one knows them better than the local expert Howard, who flies through them as we journey up to our starting point for the day. Most high end timepieces, despite being labelled as sport watches, or modelled by athletes, can rarely handle the physical demands and intense vibrations most sports put on them. However with the help of our superb engineering team, and ever reliable 88 Swiss artisans, we knew ours could walk the walk. Extensive testing and monitoring goes into the manufacturing of each MEERSON timepiece. But this takes place in the workshop, how would it fair in real life?

"It is incredibly impressive that he manages to stay on his bike"


Manufacturing and Artisans Alexandre Meerson


Upon choosing the exact piece to sign up for the challenge, we opted for the ADLC (Amorphous Diamond-Like Carbon) coated model, with the extra durability (not to mention sporty look and feel) it offers lending itself well to the test! As soon as this was strapped upon Howard's sturdy wrist, we were ready. He shot off at such a pace that we initially struggled to keep up in the car that we were filming from on an adjacent road! Tearing down the bumpy and wet track, it is incredibly impressive that he manages to stay on his bike let alone at the speed and relative ease he completes it in. Trail 1 complete and after inspection the D15 is still in perfect working condition. The combination of the trail's intricacy and the speed Howard was riding at means the watch was having to cope with a considerably amount of vibration and stress. More so than it would experience from being on the wrist of a tennis player or golfer, which is highly discouraged universally for mechanical watches. Impressive.

"We needed to up the ante"


Manufacturing and Artisans Alexandre Meerson


The second, more challenging, trial is completed with just as much ease, by both rider and watch. We needed to up the ante. We asked Howard to ride down the hardest trail in the area, pushing it as hard as possible, which he confirmed he would. As he took off down the rocky terrain, you could tell he was going to deliver on his promise, the bike sweeping down the hill at a great velocity. However, when he came crashing off his bike five seconds later, you could pretty much confirm it. How was the watch you ask? Absolutely. Fine. Who would of thought, we got much closer to breaking the rider than the watch.

Test passed, with flying colours.



Art In Detail Alexandre Meerson Altitude Premiere Officier MEERSON D15 Mk-1 GMT True Blue Leather Accessories Luxury Style Haute Couture Owner Series Adam Ashley-Cooper
Howard's watch:
  • Name: MEERSON D15 Mk-1 GMT
  • Material: black ADLC titanium
  • Dial: Eternity Black; rhodium hands & white superluminova
  • Indication: hour, minute, second, GMT, date, AM/PM
  • Reference: 102-GFLA
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Find out more about Howard & his mountain bike shop Pedal & Spoke here


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