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The Altitude Première was named as one of the three standout timepiece designs by the Telegraph's watch expert James Gurney, as he picked his horological highlights this winter.

"There can hardly ever have been a new watch brand to land in such a polished and complete state as Alexandre Meerson, which made its public debut at fine watch fair SalonQP in November. Meerson himself is the son of famed jewellery and watch designer Emerich, in whose studio he started as apprentice. Since then, Meerson has been immersed in the watch business as both designer and manager, and if that gave him a head start in comparison to other ingènue brands, he’s used the advantage to excellent effect."

"Having an educated eye for watch design is, almost, the easy part: the chief hurdle for anyone starting a watch brand is acquiring access to the top suppliers, a challenge that’s even harder now that the bigger brands have snapped up most of the best case- and dial-makers. Then there’s the question of putting a team together that can realise the dream. All in all, quite a task."

"The Altitude Première is a simple-looking watch that hides it sophistication most carefully: the centre of the case-back, for example, is gently curved, a line that is reflected in the sapphire crystal. The 'dauphine' hands are unusual too, having contrasting finishes on each side, while the lugs are beautifully faceted and shaped. Inside are Vaucher movements, emphatically not available to allcomers. In Alexandre Meerson, the apprentice has stealthily become the master."

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