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Watchonista writer Joel Grandjean takes a fantastically in-depth and knowledgable look at the launch of Meerson and our inaugural collection, Altitude, depicting the key details that have made our first moments in the public eye successful.

"Alexander Meerson’s watches are a digest of Haute Couture and Art Deco and have a very sensual feel. Everything has been calculated in detail from their design to their production. Besides, the brand claims (and this is well documented) that subtle details are its signature. The details impress as soon as eyes are laid upon them; they appeal to us for an unknown reason and are comfortable, reassuring and amazing to wear."

"The pieces display several levels of understanding and appreciation. It is as if the first intuitive and voluntary visual encounter inexorably made it impossible to look away from them."

"The hand-cut Arabic indexes that divide the dial of the Officier models in hours pay homage to the wristwatch’s timelessness. The number 7 was deliberately left with its lateral bar, which gives it a distinct French touch. 'This is an unequivocal intimate reminder of my legacy', Meerson shares. Indeed, this Frenchman who lives in Great Britain is a fan of reinvented classics. He founded a brand whose watches are more Swiss than others and which bear signature details that could well elevate them to the status of icons."

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