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Cool Hunting

Cool Hunting features us once again, this time focusing on our new Pop'Art limited edition collection. The piece details the journey designer Alexandre Meerson took in creating the capsule, initially being inspired by a private commission to create a timepiece to accompany a Roy Lichenstein painting. Thanks for your continued supported. Read the full article here.

"For all the familiar sectors of watch design inspiration—automotive, nautical and military among the most recognizable—art makes for an underutilized arena. With his new limited edition collection, “watch tailor” Alexandre Meerson taps into the potential of pop art."

"“Challenging the rules of a conservative world can only be achieved with strong values and ethos,” Meerson explains to CH. “Of the pop art movement, I admire this freedom that intrigues and fascinates. It is apparently effortless, almost childish and yet… meaningful and deeply rebellious. Below this cheeky ambivalence, there is integrity and boldness, backed by uncompromising rigor and craft.” He adds that these are the values upon which he founded his brand."



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