Ordering your Alexandre Meerson watch

ALEXANDRE MEERSON watches can be tailored and made to order for our customers. They are also available as described in the online catalogue presented in this website.

Private viewings can be arranged in London, as well as overseas visits for presentations, fittings and orders.

If you would like to make an appointment with a brand’s representative, please contact us using the online form or telephone +44 (0)1483 203 169

Alexandre Meerson creates high-end timepieces and a luxury experience to match. The manufacturing process involves the client at every stage, and this interaction creates an intimate bond to the timepiece and ensures users are counting down the minutes until their piece arrives. The house offers options to tailor your luxury watch, or to create your own personal timepiece. The latter – Alexandre Meerson special orders – are Haute Couture in horology.

Style and individuality

The house’s collection offers a wide range of options to guide watch enthusiasts and with thousands of potential combinations and endless individualisation of components, it’s meant to encourage users to add personal inspirations to their choice. Alexandre Meerson only creates limited, ultra-limited and one-off luxury pieces. With tailoring; there will never be any two watches the same.

Initial consultation

Once an interest in Meerson timepieces is expressed, an initial session is organised. The brand ambassadors who undertake these appointments is tasked with getting to know the user’s lifestyle, personality and wants. All these aspects inform the design, tailoring and manufacture of each piece to ensure the owner’s watch is a perfect match. The house’s master watchmakers and brand ambassadors are there to combine the user’s ideas with their expertise. Finding ways to incorporate these ideas and features is a challenge the house revels in. This means everyone at the consultation is as enthusiastic about creating an individual’s piece as the individual is. Special orders are incredibly personal projects: From totally original design, custom hands made to reflect the spirit of a favourite car, to bespoke dials and finishes designed to match an outfit, location or art piece, the potential for individualism is limitless.


Much more than creating a perfectly matched strap, Meerson tailoring is to go over every element for possible adjustment. It starts with combining materials, colours and styles before focussing on each aspect to ensure an “Art in Detail” approach.

"This is my watch"

Of all an individual’s possessions, there are few which accompany the wearer as frequently as their timepiece. Meerson extends this accompaniment to months before the watch is received through exclusive access to every step from the piece’s inception onwards. A secret portal on the site allows investors to receive updates consisting of pictures, notes, videos and sketches as the piece moves from design to manufacture to completion. For those wanting to see the manufacture in a physical sense, tours of the factory are possible. If a client wants to discuss their ideas or have a process explained at any stage, the house is always available. When the timepiece is delivered, it is accompanied by the full portfolio of the watch design and construction. It’s an incredible reward for wearers possessing a curiosity for exploring and understanding their piece inside and out.


When the long awaited day finally arrives, investors receive a high-quality, personalised and platformed packaging piece which both displays the watch and promises to keep the timepiece safe throughout its life. Following delivery, Alexandre Meerson offers an exemplary aftercare system of support and check-ups.

Your luxury watch, in numbers:

  • A tailored luxury Alexandre Meerson watch requires 75 hours of work
  • One-of-a-kind special orders of a luxury watch requires up to 850 hours of work
  • 88 craftsmen advise, create and inspire each time piece
  • From 3 to 24 weeks to make a tailored luxury watch
  • From 5 to 36 months to deliver a special order
  • An extensive variety of hand selected and crafted leathers and materials.
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