Alexandre Meerson Luxury Watches International Warranty

All ALEXANDRE MEERSON watches have an individual identifier called the Watch Edition Number, which is both engraved on the case back and listed on the warranty card you receive with your watch. This unique reference is registered in our archives where we record your ownership of the watch and the full details pertaining to its manufacture and history.

The warranty card both guarantees the authenticity of your watch and activates the warranty. It is only valid if it is signed and dated by the authorised ALEXANDRE MEERSON Retailer from whom it was purchased. This card is unique and should be kept in a safe place; duplicates cannot be issued.

The warranty covers your watch for a period of threes years from the date of purchase. This is extended to four years when a copy of the warranty is sent, alongside full details of the owner and an indication of whether they want to receive news from the brand, to

The warranty covers all manufacturing faults and material defects, which must be confirmed by an ALEXANDRE MEERSON-approved Service Centre. Such defects will be repaired free of charge within the warranty period, by the process and to the timelines detailed under service. Any claim on the warranty must be made directly with ALEXANDRE MEERSON or through one of our authorised Retailers or Service Centres, and you must present your warranty card in order to do so. The International Warranty allows you to take your timepiece to any approved ALEXANDRE MEERSON Retailer or Service Centre to initiate a claim. You may also send in your timepiece to make a claim, but you must first contact our office to make arrangements; shipping costs will be reimbursed if a defect is confirmed and covered by the warranty. ALEXANDRE MEERSON accepts responsibility for your timepiece while it is in our possession for evaluation or repair.

The warranty does not cover the following:

  • Wear and tear that arises from everyday use
  • Theft, loss or the consequences of extraordinary situations such as a natural disaster
  • Accidental damage such as knocks, dents or cracks
  • Damage due to misuse such as exposing a watch to wet conditions in excess of the recommendations for its water resistance or otherwise failing to observe the operating instructions provided
  • Leather straps
  • Damage due to servicing or alterations undertaken by non-authorised persons

Actions taken under the terms of this warranty do not extend it or change its conditions. The warranty does not affect or supersede the legal consumer rights and privileges in the country in which the watch is purchased. The ALEXANDRE MEERSON warranty is independent of any warranty that may be provided by the Retailer from which the watch is purchased. The Retailer carries sole responsibility for any such warranty.

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