Alexandre Meerson Luxury Watches Service

Though ALEXANDRE MEERSON watches are manufactured from the highest quality materials and constructed with utmost care, the components experience a variety of stresses and strains in normal use and are subject to natural wear and tear.

These effects can be mitigated by regular maintenance, and we therefore recommend servicing your watch every three to five years. When we service your watch, the mechanism will be cleaned and lubricated, worn parts replaced and all functions and seals tested. This process ensures the longevity of your timepiece. We strongly suggest that servicing of your watch is done at our approved Service Centre or through an authorised ALEXANDRE MEERSON Retailer.

Today, our workshop in Fleurier, Switzerland carries out all MEERSON servicing and repairs. Please contact us directly by telephone or email and we will gladly arrange this for you.

Servicing will take 4-6 weeks from the date we receive your watch. If your watch requires repairs above and beyond the normal servicing procedures and you would like us to fully restore it, we will first issue a quote for the additional work. The quote must be accepted or rejected within one month. After acceptance, servicing and repairs will take 4-6 weeks. Note that an administration fee is charged in the event that the quote is rejected. Following service or repair, we guarantee the technical functioning of your watch for one year.

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